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Mock Manti (Macaroni and Meat)

  Mock Manti (Macaroni and Meat) When my sister and I were growing up, our mom fixed macaroni and meat for us quite often.  It was my most favorite meal.  I have carried the tradition and my family loves it […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Parsley Wheat tabbouleh Salad

  Tabbouleh Salad   Lebanese tabbouleh is a salad goes with most Middle Eastern dishes, especially grilled dishes. It’s light, refreshing and goes great with any meal.  With grilled chicken or grilled shrimp,tabbouleh Salad can be a light meal. Ingredients:   […]

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Greek Tzatziki (Cucumber Yogurt) Sauce

Even though tzatziki sauce is typically Greek condiment, it pairs very well with Middle Eastern dishes.  With fresh cucumbers and flat leaf parsley, tzatziki sauce is great for for grape leaves, shawarma, gyro sandwiches, and it might even be good on lahmajoon! […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Pink Rice Pilaf

    Pink Rice Pilaf   The Tomato Juice And Cumin In This Rice Pilaf Recipe Is The Hint Of A Southwest Flavor.   Ingredients: 1/2 cup very fine noodles 4 Tbs butter 2 cups long grain white rice (I […]

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Excellent Layered Brownies

  My Sister’s Excellent Layered Brownies My sister gave me this recipe for excellent layered brownies several years ago and is always a big hit wherever I take them.The groups love them.  Although it is probably not a Middle Eastern Dish, what […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Bulgur Wheat Pilaf

  Bulgur wheat pilaf Another popular side dish that is one made of bulgur wheat, instead of rice. We had this often growing up and was a nice variation. Bulgur wheat pilaf can go with beef or chicken. Ingredients: 1/4 cup […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes Dal Lentils Soup

Dal Lentils Soup Panch Phoran Recipe Ingredients 4 cups  (brown or yellow split peas) dal Lentils    4 cans vegetable broth (I use Swanson) 4 Tablespoons butter 1 – 2 cups Roma or cherry tomatoes, to taste 1 Tablespoon asafoetida powder […]

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Rice Pilaf With Orzo

  Rice Pilaf With Orzo Rice pilaf is probably the most common side dish in Middle Eastern meals. It is so versatile and with a few simple changes, it goes with just about everything. Growing up, we had that as […]

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Middle Eastern Meat Pie

Fatayer, a meat pie in Middle Eastern cuisine    The Middle East includes the region formerly known as the Fertile Crescent (the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers), where wheat was first cultivated,  followed by barley, pistachios, figs, pomegranates, […]

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