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Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf with Green Lentils and Chickpeas

 Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf The Beginnings Of This came from a Turkish recipe that included the green lentils and chickpeas. I changed it up a little and came up with a nice variation that goes well with any chicken dish. […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Okra Stew With Tomatoes

  Okra stew is a popular vegetable dish in Middle Eastern cooking. This okra stew with tomatoes makes for a nice light side dish that goes will with any meal.  With chicken or beef added to it, this stew becomes a […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes – Black Rice Pilaf with Shallots

  Black Rice Pilaf The Idea For This came to me during a recent trip to Trader Joe’s.  That was where I saw the black rice.  I looked at it and I thought about what I could do with this. […]

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