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Middle Eastern Recipes-Pita Salad

   A light refreshing pita salad for summer It has a healthy light lemony dressing. It is also very versatile.  It can be stuffed into a pita pocket or served with toasted pieces of pita bread crumbled on top.  The light lemony […]

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Middle Eastern Dishes-Rice Pilaf Orzo Recipe

Rice Pilaf, Orzo Recipe Rice pilaf is probably the most common side dish in Middle Eastern meals. It is so versatile and with a few simple changes, it goes with just about everything. Growing up, we had that as a […]

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Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf with Green Lentils and Chickpeas

 Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf The Beginnings Of This middle eastern rice dish came from a Turkish recipe that included the green lentils and chickpeas. I changed it up a little and came up with a nice variation that goes well […]

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