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Middle Eastern Dishes Apple Cake

  This apple cake is a great light dessert, not just for fall, but any time of year.  It’s small in size and makes a perfect snack cake.  Enjoy it with tea, coffee, or your favorite beverage.  Lots of fresh […]

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Middle Eastern Dessert Recipes – Lemon Bread Recipe

    My Yummy Lemon Bread Recipe. This yummy Middle Eastern Dessert is one of my favorites.  I use this traditional recipe as a way to use the fruit from our bountiful lemon tree. Lemons are one of the most popular ingredients of Middle Eastern […]

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Excellent Layered Brownies

  My Sister’s Excellent Layered Brownies My sister gave me this recipe for excellent layered brownies several years ago and is always a big hit wherever I take them.The groups love them.  Although it is probably not a Middle Eastern Dish, what […]

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