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Middle Eastern Recipes – Black Rice Pilaf with Shallots

  Black Rice Pilaf The Idea For This came to me during a recent trip to Trader Joe’s.  That was where I saw the black rice.  I looked at it and I thought about what I could do with this. […]

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Middle Eastern-Bulgur Wheat Pilaf- Fine Noodles

   Mom’s Bulgur Wheat Pilaf Recipe Bulgur wheat pilaf is another popular side dish that is one made of  wheat, instead of rice. We had this often growing up and was a nice variation. The fine noodles make it yummy. It […]

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Middle Eastern Recipe-Rice Pilaf

Rice pilaf is probably the most common side dish in Middle Eastern meals. It is so versatile and with a few simple changes, it goes with just about everything. Growing up, we had that as a side dish more often […]

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Middle Eastern-Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe

  Wild Rice Pilaf If you need a healthy pilaf for a special event, this recipe is for you. It is fulfilling, brimming with flavor, and is anything but difficult to plan. The mix of flavors blends wonderfully, and the mixture […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes- Multigrain Pilaf with 3 Grains

Multigrain Pilaf with 3 Grains is a variation of pilaf that is high in fiber containing barley, brown rice and bulgur. It is a good side dish that goes well with beef or chicken.                 […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Fluffy Couscous Pilaf

  Couscous Pilaf I wanted to try pilaf using something different other than rice or bulgur, so I thought I would try couscous and make couscous pilaf. Wow what a taste Idea!! I love it when that happens.   Instead […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Vosp (Pilaf with Red Lentils)

      Vosp pilaf with red lentils This is another comfort dish my mom made for us when we were little Girls.  The red lentils make the vosp a creamy pilaf.  The  red lentils cooked with the rice made for a […]

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A Bulgur Pilaf with Tomato and Zucchini

  This is a variation of our bulgur pilaf recipe In this variation we use fresh garden zucchini and grape tomatoes. It seemed more springlike to me.  When I saw a variation of this bulgur pilaf recipe, I replaced the onion […]

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Middle Eastern Recipes-Pink Rice Pilaf

    Pink Rice Pilaf   The Tomato Juice And Cumin In This Rice Pilaf Recipe Is The Hint Of A Southwest Flavor.   Ingredients: 1/2 cup very fine noodles 4 Tbs butter 2 cups long grain white rice (I […]

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